28. April 2016

Beta productions ‘Shame’ and ‘Mammon: Nothing is just politics’ are big winner at Norwegian TV Awards

Munich, 28 April 2016. Beta Film’s family entertainment format Shame and the gripping thriller Mammon: Nothing is just politics (8xone hour) have collected several gold medals in this year’s Norwegian TV Award season. The Gullruten Awards for Best Edited TV Drama, Best New Program Series and Innovation of the year went to Shame, one of Beta’s fresh web-formats. It follows girls through heartbreak, partying and all other challenges young people face as they start high school. The second season of Mammon: nothing is just politics grabs two of the national awards for Best Sound Production and Best Costume/Makeup. The story deals with a clear-cut attack on the freedom of speech as a well-known commentator and journalist in Norway's biggest newspaper is brutally murdered.