12. May 2016

TF 1 produces French remake of Beta Film’s PROFESSOR T.

Munich, 12 May 2016. French broadcaster TF1 creates its own Gallic version of the Flemish brilliant but more than eccentric police psychologist Professor T. In Nantes, shooting has just started for the remake of the success series, whose two seasons scored exceptional ratings in Belgium. Produced by VEMA/Véronique Marchat, the show (6xone hour) stars Zoé Félix ('Welcome to the Land of Shtis') and up and coming talent Mathieu Bisson. Beta Film, which handles the original version, also distributes the international rights of the remake.

The Flemish original from Skyline, the producers of the international success series 'Salamander', has been honored with the Jury Award as Best International TV series at the renowned La Rochelle TV Festival.

Professor T. is a professor of criminology, who is being adored by his students. Cynical and not really able for any social commitment, he has an opinion on everything and loves to defend those whose ideas do not reflect public opinion. His pathological bacillophobia restricted his human contact to a minimum. But when Lise, a former student and police officer, enters his life, everything changes. Lise is accompanied by her superior Christine, the former great love of the professor...