Das Rheingold

World of the gods - world of the earthly elements: Herbert von Karajan has
succeeded in forcefully underscoring the contrast between the world of the
gods and the earthly realm. The 'Rhinegold' already bears within it a
foreboding of the 'Götterdämmerung'. In the Prelude, man - the hero - does
not yet appear; what checks the power of the gods are the earthly elements:
fire, water and earth. Wotan only appears to be victorious when he enters
Valhalla with his fellow gods. The actual victor is Loge. Based on a
production from the Salzburg Easter Festival, Georges Wakhevitch has
produced stage settings and transformations that support Karajan's concept
with every possible means. The depths of the Rhine are dynamic and full of
natural motion, but the inside of the earth - Nibelheim - with its
corridors and vaults which lead to Alberich's realm, also has something
organically proliferating about it. With his singers - foremost among them
Peter Schreier - Karajan has an ensemble that fully conforms to his
intentions. Thomas Stewart is a nobly singing Wotan. Next to him is the
grandiose Brigitte Fassbaender als Fricka, a profoundly embittered figure.

Composer: Richard Wagner
Title: Das Rheingold
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan
Staged By: Herbert von Karajan
Soloist: Thomas Stewart, Leif Roar, Hermin Esser, Peter Schreier, Zoltán Kelemen, Gerhard Stolze, Karl Ridderbusch, Louis Hendrikx, Brigitte Fassbaender
Set: Georges Wakhevitch
Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker
Video Director: Herbert von Karajan
Genre: Opera
Length: 146 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004571
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