Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Five friends besieged by twisted ideologies and raw violence.

    Best TV Miniseries/Movie 2014

Title: Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter
Genre: Drama
Length: 6 x one hour minutes
Cat.No.: A 055 13505 0000
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Line of Separation convinces viewers in Sweden

Line of Separation continues success  in Sweden as well...

"Generation War" won International Emmy Award as Best Mini-Series

Beta Film's highly acclaimed mini-series Generation War has won the International Emmy Award...

“Generation War” with over one million viewers on BBC 2

Being the first sub-titled program to air on BBC 2 since more than ten years...

The Guardian:BBC2 to air acclaimed German drama series Generation War

A second world war drama dubbed a "German Band of Brothers" that sparked a national debate in Germany about ordinary people's role in the conflict has been bought by the BBC.

Despite controversy: GENERATION WAR scores record ratings in Poland

Munich, 20 June 2013. Accompanied by heated debates, the internationally highly acclaimed teamWorx/ZDF/Beta Film miniseries Generation War achieved record ratings on Polish public broadcaster TVP 1.

GENERATION WAR with record ratings at its international premiere in Scandinavia

Munich, 6 June 2013. The highly acclaimed teamWorx/ZDF/Beta Film miniseries Generation War has reached record ratings at its international premiere in Sweden.

ZDF/teamWorx-production “Generation War” goes to the US

Cannes, 8. April 2013. Even before MipTV began, Beta Film has sold the highly acclaimed event production Generation War to several countries worldwide and, rather unusually for German productions, to various English speaking territories.

Beta Film leads new wave of European programming

Beta Film leads the new wave of European programming at this year's MipTV...

Hollywood Reporter: MIPTV 2013: German Series Sparks National Debate About War History

Phenomenal viewer hit “Generation War” triggers unprecedented media debate in Germany

Munich, 21 March 2013. The highly acclaimed event production Generation War, praised as a "turning point in German television" (Der Spiegel), has scored record ratings in Germany, triggering an unprecedented media and public debate about the personal involvement and guilt of everyone's parents and grandparents.

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Int. Emmy Awards
Best TV Miniseries/Movie 2014

Int. Shanghai TV Awards
Best Director
NY Festivals TV & Film Awards
Gold World Medal
Festival De La Fiction TV Awards
Best European Fiction
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Seoul International Drama Awards
Best Miniseries & Best Director

Prix Europa
Best European TV Mini-Series

German Television Awards
Best German TV Movie
 Die Goldene Kamera
Best German TV Movie
"... marks a new era in German television."
(Der Spiegel)

"The series has been hailed by critics as a „turning point“ in German television for examining the crimes of the Third Reich at an individual level".
(Daily Telegraph UK)

"uncompromising, wonderfully acted, an absolute must-see!"
(TV Spielfilm)

"an epoch-making event, not only in TV history"
(Welt am Sonntag)


"tough, uncompromising – a grandiose anti-war film"
(Frankfurter Rundschau/Berliner Zeitung)