Mahler, Symphony No. 10 - Adagio

Mahler's last symphony was begun in the summer of 1910, ostensibly during a
serious conjugal crisis, and was left unfinished at the time of the
composer's death in Vienna on 18 May 1911. The work was to have consisted
of five movements, though it is possible that Mahler might have altered his
original plan. And while several attempts have been made to complete the
work on the basis of sketches, only the first movement, Adagio, was fully
completed by the composer. It is an austere piece, with incisive sonorities
and an ethereal beauty. Leonard Bernstein was the first conductor ever to
record all of Mahler's symphonies not only on disk, but also on video.
The Mahler cycle was the first project in the more than 20-year-long
association between Leonard Bernstein and Unitel. The leading Mahler
interpreter of our time, Bernstein recorded all of Mahler's symphonies
between 1971 and 1985, chiefly with the Vienna Philharmonic, producing a
unique musical document and triggering a major re-appreciation of
Mahler's works.

Composer: Gustav Mahler
Title: Mahler, Symphony No. 10 - Adagio
Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker
Video Director: Humphrey Burton
Genre: Concert
Length: 29 minutes
Cat.No.: A05500587
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