Mozart, String Quartet in A major, K. 464

Mozart, who had been profoundly moved by Haydn's String Quartets op. 33,
composed these quartets between 1782 and 1785 and dedicated them to his
revered friend Joseph Haydn with the words: "Here they are then, O great
man and dearest friend, these six children of mine. They are, it is true,
the fruit of long and laborious efforts¿"
The Hagen Quartet, consisting of the siblings Lukas, Veronika and Clemens
Hagen along with the violinist Rainer Schmidt, attracted great attention
and scored impressive successes while its members were still students at
the Salzburg Mozarteum. Their international career began with their
appearance at the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival in 1981. The quartet
is now internationally known for its inspired performances, especially of
works by Mozart.

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Title: Mozart, String Quartet in A major, K. 464
Orchestra: Hagen-Quartett
Video Director: Horant H. Hohlfeld
Genre: Concert
Length: 35 minutes
Cat.No.: A05507368
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