Schnittke, Moz-Art à la Haydn

Written in 1977 by the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke, "Moz-Art à la
Haydn" is a good-natured Mozartian parody that ends with an evocation of
Haydn's "Farewell Symphony".
Born in Riga in 1947, Gidon Kremer is not only one of the leading
violinists in the world, but also - thanks to his unquenchable curiosity
and search for new impulses - one of the most fascinating musical
personalities of our time. His repertoire ranges from Bach to the present,
whereby a number of contemporary composers have achieved international
recognition through his commitment. Since 1997 Kremer has devoted a large
part of his activities to the chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica, which he
founded. The ensemble consists of young musicians from the three Baltic
states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The average age is 25. The debut
of the chamber orchestra in February 1997 corresponded with the
50th birthday of its founder Gidon Kremer. With this orchestral project,
Kremer wants to pass on his artistic experiences to young musicians of his
native country and to draw international attention to the outstanding
musical situation of the Baltic nations. The Kremerata Baltica performs in
all of the world's major musical venues.

Composer: Alfred Schnittke
Title: Schnittke, Moz-Art à la Haydn
Conductor: Gidon Kremer
Soloist: Gidon Kremer, Marija Nemanytė
Orchestra: Kremerata Baltica
Video Director: Horant H. Hohlfeld
Genre: Concert
Length: 11 minutes
Cat.No.: A05510532
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This production is also released by EuroArts on the DVD "Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica".