15. July 2014

Marco Polo keeps kids glued to TV

Munich, 15 July 2014. Despite the fine outdoor weather and beginning summer holidays, Kids TV remains strong in Germany with The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo leading the way. The animated cartoon series rated as the number one top broadcast with kids (3-13) in Germany between mid June/mid July 2014 with an market share of up to 40.7 % on public broadcaster KI.KA.
In the series young Marco Polo takes the young viewers into a wild adventure through distant lands and mystical times to find his missing father, who vanished while exploring the Road to the East. Accompanied by his strong, good-natured friend Luigi and the mysterious young princess, Shi La Won, the brash Marco is ready to take on the world... once he finds his missing boots that is. A roller-coaster of comedy and action, young Marco Polo follows the rollicking misadventures of the three friends on their epic journey.
The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo (26x half an hthe adour, HD) directed by Lutz St├╝tzner, Tony Loeser and Dave Barton Thomas. Produced by MotionWorks in co-production with ARD/MDR, YOWZA!Digital Inc. Canada, Melusine Productions, Magpie 6/Media Entertainment Ltd./Monster Entertainment Ltd. in co-operation with WunderWerk,supported by MEDIA, mdm, Shaw Rocket Fund, Irish Film Board, Film Fund Luxembourg, Ontario Media Development, Telefilm Canada.