Rubinstein at 90 - An Interview

Quotes from Artur Rubinstein's interview with Robert MacNeil:
"There isn't such a thing as the greatest pianist, not anytime, or anyone,
or anything. Nothing in art can be the best. it is only different."
"... I've thought about the reason for any success I have had in my life...
There is a certain antenna: there is a certain secret thing...which goes
out, emanates from me, from my emotion, from the feeling. This...projects
something which I do feel. It suddenly puts the audience into my hands. I
can do anything. That is a great, great moment."
"I do think that we have reached the point of too much technique and
perfection and there will be a reaction... Make music instead of having too
much technique."
"The piano must be played with a feeling, to get the legato, to turn it
into an instrument of singing."

Title: Rubinstein at 90 - An Interview
Soloist: Artur Rubinstein
Video Director: Robert MacNeil
Genre: Special
Length: 29 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004553
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